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Foro de routerboard. Correo de XRG... tratando de hacer andar kernel 2.6 en routerboard... 
Consultarlo: p_christ (a)
I had done:

- Get the last buildroot source on my i586 maschine to make the cross tools. (worked fine)
- Get the Kernel Source 2.4.31 from
- Patch the Kernel-Source 2.4.31 with patch from
- Copy the config.mips to .config and edit the Makefile (kgcc-gcc)
- Run: make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-linux- menuconfig (O.K)
- Check the settings (no support for loadable modules) and save (O.K)
- Run: make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-linux- vmlinux (O.K)
- Run: echo root=/dev/cfa2 > kernel-params
- Run: mipsel-linux-ulbic-objcopy --add-section kernparm=kernel-oarams vmlinux (O.K)
- Run: mipsel-linux-ulibc-strip vmlinux (O.K)
- Copy Kernel to rb's CF'1

The RB boots fine, and do all good, except the NAND:

Andy Stewart andystewart at
Thu Dec 29 17:42:31 EST 2005

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HI gang,

I am playing with a single board computer (SBC) in an attempt to make a
diskless, fanless, silent firewall.  Specifically, its the RouterBoard
532 (  The processor is MIPS based (4Kc).

I've been using the buildroot software (nice!) which made creating the
cross compiler enviroment considerably easier than my previous (failed)
attempts at doing this by hand.  My cross compiler environment is now
working quite nicely.

I have created an environment where I have loaded software onto a
compact flash card and booted Linux 2.4.30 on this box.  I have logged
in and gotten the box talking on the net.  All 3 ethernet ports
function, as well as ssh and dhcp.  Sweet!

My next step is to take the SuSE firewall scripts (they are GPL) and run
them on this box.  However, I'm hitting a wall that I don't think I
should be hitting.

Within busybox, command substitution and pipes don't work on this MIPS
box (but they do work on my x86_64).

command substitution example:   echo `cat /etc/hostname`

pipes:  ls -l | grep foo

With neither of these working, real scripts don't work too well.  :-(

I've traced the source code (gotta love free software!) and the code
fails whenever it calls the function dup2().  I'm not sure why dup2()
fails, but it does, returning EBADF (bad file descriptor).  I tried
installing bash and noticed exactly the same thing.

dup2() seems to be implemented as a system call into the kernel, but
that's where I get lost.

I've been scouring the net and cannot find an answer.  I must be doing
something wrong, but I know not what.  Does anybody have any helpful hints?



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Andy Stewart, Founder
Worcester Linux Users' Group
Worcester, MA, USA

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