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General configurations:

Building cross-compiling environment with buildroot


  1. Extract buildroot-20070213.tar.7z
  2. Select options: make menuconfig

Settings of buildroot I write only the cheked options, but there are others options by default (like package selection for the target)

  • target architecture: mipsel
  • Build options: defaults
  • toolchain type: buildroot toolchain
  • toolchain options
    • kernel-headers: 2.4.31
    • thread library implementation: Native POSIX threading
    • binutils version: 2.17
    • GCC compiler version: 3.4.6
    • build/install a shared libgcc
    • install sstrip for the target system: YES
    • use software floating point by default: YES
  • Package selection for the target: defaults
  • Target options: defaults
  • Board support options: defaults

Save and make

Tests: modifying uclibc version

The errors are about readahead
Test1 uclibc version:
Test2 uclibc version: daily snapshot

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